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Classes for Clarity

Calm In The Storm / Massage Works Natural Health Center

Taught By Amy Traylor & Lucinda Huron

To express your interest in taking these classes, please contact Massage Works at (989) 356-0970,

call or text Amy at (989) 884-3507, or email us at

Or come by the office on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:30-5:30, at 2483 US 23 South, Alpena.

 Let us know which class, day, and time works for you, so that we can develop a schedule! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Amy's Classes

All workshops are available at a discount & can be paid for with HSA card, as they are for Mental Health Wellness!

Mindfulness  - We are our thoughts. So, what are you filling your mind with? Do your thoughts serve you? A few simple tips on how to create the life you’ve wanted, and release that which no longer serves you! 1 hour $40

Love Heals  - Is it really that simple? Yes it is, time to forgive that person, or those persons, and also... time to forgive yourself! Love heals, Lets talk about it! $40

Love Heals 2  - Connect with pattern; you can shift your patterned response. You can change your automatic reaction! $40

Chakras 101 - What are chakras and how can they help you heal? Its all about recognozing the emotions that are “stuck” and getting them flowing again. Ahhhh, doesn’t That feel good?!

1 hour $15, 1 ⅕ hours if you’d like a session right afterward for balance $50 ($5 off:)

Shoulder and Back Massage/ Knead a Friend - Find (or bring) a partner for fully clothed 10-15 minute seated massages taught & done on shoulders, neck, arms & back. Everyone Loves this class and leaves so much happier than when they came in. $30 each, or $50/couple (any kind of couple!)

Animal Speak Card Pull - What messages are we meant to receive from the animals around us. $20-40

Natural Health 101  - solve concerns in your life naturally. Many easy tips! 

1 hour $40

Intro to Guided Meditation - One-on-One

$25 for ½ hr session, $40 for the Initial Intro to Meditation, Only $20 each for "small group meditation"

if paid for by the month, for weekly session.

Get Better Sleep Tonight - short class with tips about positioning yourself & a few ideas to supplement for better sleep tonight.

30 minutes $20

Intro to Reiki - There is an unlimited source of positive, healing energy that we can tap into at any time for the purpose of healing yourself, or another. Known to help with many ailments, Reiki is powerful & easy. Amy feels this is God working through her, and People love recieving it! 1 hour $40

Stretching for Pain Relief - Just as it sounds. Ahhhhh, bet you didn’t know how easy it was!

30 minutes $45

Heal with Essential Oils - 1 hour in-depth class on how to replace toxic items in your medicine cabinet with natural, safe products today! $40

Make & Take Essential Oil Class - Make a roll-on, a spray, a sugar scrub or a bath salt to take home with you- scent of your choice!! Go home with 3: Spray bottle, hand soap, bath salt, roller bottle $45

Bracelets with Oils - You choose the colors, and the arrangement, as well as the scent you take home with you. 1 hour $25 includes one bracelet & one 2 ml oil

Art with Love in Mind - You can bring in a favorite pic. 1-3 hours. Cost varies.

Whole Body Health with Hemp Extract (CBD oil This is the missing link in your body, your brain, and healing/anti-aging.

Vision Boards - Decide, Focus & watch it come to life! This is so fun, and we look forward to helping you Create the Life you’ve dreamed of! $40


Forgive & Live time to release the past. Forgiveness is Not for the person(s) who hurt you. Forgiveness is absolutely a gift for you!! And, you deserve it! $40

Ying and Yang - The Balance of Life. Learn how it can help you!

Lucinda's Classes


Flower Essences 101: 

Flower essences work on a cellular and energetic level to assist us with our emotional and physical well-being using the vibrational imprint of the flower. Handouts and a take home flower essence vial will be included. 2hr class Price: $25 per person 

Fundamentals Emotional Intelligence: 

Learn how our emotions impact us and how to manage our self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation of self and others, empathy, and social skills. 1.5hr class $15 (subsidized class) 

Art Therapy/ Intuitive Painting: Learn how to heal and grow through the process of tuning into your intuition and painting what is being channeled through you. This class will be so healing and so much fun. Take home a unique beautiful art peice created by you. 2 hr class $35 

Womens Empowerment Circle: Share, empower, grow, and connect to our inner wisdom. This circle invites us to dive in, focus on our needs and release our emotional stresses while supporting our sisters.

1 hr circle $15 (Subsidized) 

The Science of the Universal Law of Attraction - ASK and you shall RECEIVE! Learn the concepts behind Law Of Attraction and how use it effectively through our current planetary pandemic to increase your prosperity in the second half of 2020. Great for business owners!

2hr Class $20 

This class has potential for a Part 2 

Emotional Freedom Technique Class (EFT/Tapping) - EFT is a tool based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Modern Neurology. And it offers almost instantaneous relief from physical, emotional and mental concerns. It's super easy to learn and use to benefit ourselves and our loved ones. This workshop includes theory and practical elements, and comes with a full manual.

1.5hr class $20 

Visualization Meditation/Intergration of Self Identity - Join us for a meditational journey to the intergration of true self identity. Discover your organic self and become more aware of how to use this new perspective self in our current timeline of events.

1hr $15 

Sacred Raw Cacao Ceromony + Breathwork - Cacao ceremonies help open your Heart Chakra for deep healing and can be used as a beautiful tool to step into self-love, helping release negative energies, freeing you to bring forth your best-self. 2hr Class $25 

Stories for the Soul - Join us for book readings that uplift the soul, relax the mind, and bring joy to the heart! 1hr $10 

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