We offer many types of massage

and a variety of other services

and products. Listed below are descriptions of our services.

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Package I -

30 min Massage, Facial - Lift Massage, Detox Foot Bath
(1.5 hours) $115 (pre-paid)

 Package II -

60 min Massage, Facial – Lift Massage, Detox Foot Bath
(2  hours) $140 (p

Package III -

60 min Hot Stone Massage, Facial-Lift Massage
(w/Hot Stones if desired), Detox Foot  Bath,
Ear Candling 2 Cones
(2.5 - 3 hours) $185 (p

Package IV -

90 min Hot Stone Massage, Facial - Lift Massage
(w/Hot Stones if desired), Detox Foot  Bath,
Ear Candling 2 Cones
(3.5 hours)  $210 (p

Make Your Own Spa Day -  Choose any 3+ Services* & Save $10!

*excludes Anti-Aging Facial Lift Combo"


Pamper Yourself Today... You Deserve It!


Massage Therapy Rates

apply to all types of massage except

Hot and Cold Stone.

15 min...$35

30 min...$45

45 min...$55


90 min...$95

120 min...$125


Hot Stone Massage

45 min...$65

60 min...$80

90 min...$105

120 min...$135

Cold Stone Massage

(Great for Migraines)

30 min...$45

45 min...$55

60 min...$70

Reiki Balancing Energy Work

60-90 min initial session...$65

30 min follow-up...$40

45 min follow-up...$50

Half Massage/Half Reiki - same $


Anti-Aging Facial-Lift Massage

*With Essential Oil Products...$50

*Regular + PrimeMyBody's NOX Nitric Oxide & Hemp Serum...$60

Anti-Aging Facial-Lift Massage (with Essential Oil) combined with LED Treatment - Save $10!

A $85 Value for only $75.


Detox Foot Bath Deep Cleanse

30 min...$35

4 sessions...$120

(to be used within 2 months)

Ear Candling

2 cones...$35

4 cones...$45

6 cones...$55

8 Cones...$65

Now Offering Chiropractic*!

   New Patient Adjustment .... $70

Exisiting Patients Adjustment ... $45

10 min massage + adjustment ... $50

(*We do not bill insurance at this time and are unable to see Medicare patients for chiropractic services.)

NEW! Now Offering

PEMF Mat Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field 

Heals your cells from the inside out,

for pain relief, enhanced energy, performance & overall health.

12 minute session ... $8

with another service-only $5, or

3 Sessions (45 minutes each) ... $75

NEW! PEMF Electronic Foot Massager

very thorough, but a bit tough and may hurt a bit until the knots in your feet relax... 12 min... $8


Spa Day Pampering Packages


CBD Products

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